Alum Uses in Ayurveda

Alum is the common name for the hydrated salts of potassium. It is generally known as ‘Phitkari’. In Ayurveda, alum is termed saurashtri. It has its important place in Ayurvedic medicine and can be used as a home remedy. It has various external application to cure wounds and other diseases. Some important uses of alum in Ayurvedic medicine are discussed in this article.

Actions of Alum
According to Ayurveda, alum has the following properties:


Health Benefits of Alum
Alum is used for the cure of following disorders:

Wound – Alum powder can be applied on any injured area to stop blood loss and also to provide an antiseptic cover to a wound.
Itching – 2 teaspoon of lemon juice should be mixed with a small amount alum powder. Apply this mixture on itchy skin.
Acne – Make a mixture by adding powdered alum to 1/4 cup of with hazel and apply it on the skin to get relief from acne or pimples.
Skin tightening – Alum powder mixed with rose water if applied on face and washed after 10 minutes makes the skin tight by closing the pores.
Tonsillitis – Alum is effectively used for cure of tonsillitis in Ayurveda. A mixture prepared by mixing 2 pinch of alum powder, ¼th teaspoon of turmeric in 1 cup of warm water. This mixture should be used for gargle to treat tonsillitis.
Complexion enhancer – Boil water with phitkari and let it cool. Wash face with this cold water which lightens the complexion and tones the skin.
Alum can also be used as a natural deodorant as it inhibits the bacterial growth
Potash alum is used for making pickle in kitchens.

Properties of Alum

Water soluble
Melting point is 90 degrees
Crystalline solid
Used for water purification
Used in fire extinguisher

The above are some of the health benefits of alum in Ayurveda.

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