Khajoor Benefits

The botanical name of khajoor is Phoenix sylvestris and belongs to the family Palmae. In Sanskrit, khajoor is called Kharjur. It has various health benefits and uses in Ayurveda. There are two varieties of kharjur, according to Ayurveda such as kharjur and Pind kharjur.

Kharjur is rich in vitamin B and C along with sugar, protein, carbohydrates, fats, enzymes and minerals. It is rich in minerals such as phosphorus and calcium. Fruits and juices of the herb are used to treat various health problems. Several health benefits of kharjur and their Ayurvedic properties are described in this article.

Ayurvedic Properties of Khajur

Properties (Guna) – Heavy (Guru), Shiny (Snigdha)
Taste (Rasa) – Sweet (Madhura)
Potency (Virya) – Cold (Sheeta)

Health Benefits of Khajoor in Ayurveda
Khajoor is regarded as cooling, sweet, fattening, tonic and aphrodisiac. Various health benefits of khajoor are given as follows:

Liver Diseases – The leaves of khajoor have aphrodisiac properties. Thus, these are used to cure various liver disorders.
Tooth Ache – The juice obtained from kharjur plant is used to cure tooth ache.
Nervous System – Kharjur powder is used to strengthen the nervous system.
Respiratory Disorders – Powder of kharjur is also used to get relief from respiratory disorders and improves general health of the body.
Blood Circulation – Khajur fruit intake improves the blood circulation in the body.
Fever – It is also used to bring down the high temperatures in fever.
Constipation – Kharjur fruit intake helps to get relief from constipation.
Sex Stamina – Kharjur consumption helps in improving sex stamina and sterility.
Abdominal Cancer – The fruit has a tonic effect, thus is used to prevent abdominal cancer.

Kharjur is also used to treat various other health conditions such as:

Nervine weakness
General body weakness

The above are some of the health benefits of kharjur. Kharjur causes no side effects when taken in normal dosage.

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