Wart Removal and Ayurveda

Wart is one of the most common cosmetic worries of many people. Many people don’t know what to do and how to get rid of warts. Removing warts from the skin is a big task for them, because wart removal leaves marks on the skin, very often. This factor makes most of them unable to choose the proper wart removing technique.

Ayurveda for Wart removal
Ayurveda–a system of medicine which treats the root cause of the disease, can remove warts permanently with herbal remedies. Moreover, Ayurvedic herbal wart removing techniques lessen the chance of post- treatment marks on the skin.ayurveda9-warts2.jpg

The warts are small tumours, round in shape, commonly found on the hands and feet. Warts may appear anywhere on the skin.

Different Types of Warts
There are different types of warts. On the basis of shape and location, warts are classified into six;

Common Warts–appear on the hands, knees, legs and face
Flat Warts–these are flat in shape and will be of skin colour
Plantar warts–generally found on the soles of feet, would be painful for the patient
Filiform warts–appear on the face, close to eyelids or lips and are thread-like or finger-like in shape
Mosaic warts– plantar warts found in clusters
Genital warts–appear on the genital areas

Warts are caused by the virus called HPV (Human Papiloma Virus). The moisture accumulated on skin increases the chance of warts. You may get Warts like Plantar warts from public swimming pools. Ayurveda sees warts as caused by the aggravation of any of the three Doshas–Vata, Pita and Kapha.

Ayurvedic Herbal Remedies for Warts
Ayurveda has permanent solutions to heal warts without leaving any marks on the skin.

Kaseesadi Taila–apply this oil on the wart and cover it with a cotton bandage
Castor Oil–apply this oil on the wart and surrounding area, cover it with cotton
Cashew Nut Oil–apply on the wart, it acts on the wart by irritating it
Aloe Vera –Apply over the infected area thrice a day. Continue for a week, warts will disappear within days
Papaya Milk– the milk extracted from the papaya fruit is effective in removing warts. Apply on the warts regularly
Clove Oil–apply on the warts, continue for a week, you will get the desired effect within days
Amalaki or Indian gooseberry–extract juice from Amalaki and apply on the warts. Cover it with cotton, continue this treatment for a week or more
Onion–rub onion on the warts regularly
Potato–rub a piece of raw potato on the warts thrice a day

One second!!
Consult your Ayurvedic practitioner before starting the treatment. Make sure that you are not allergic to the substances used for the treatment. If any symptom of allergy appears, stop the treatment and inform your doctor.

Diet Plan for Wart
Proper diet plan is important for curing warts. Along with the Ayurvedic remedies patient should take fruits like papaya, orange, mangoes etc, and vegetables, especially green vegetable regularly.

The important thing in treating the wart is that you have to maintain personal hygiene properly. Cleaning your body regularly and wearing clean clothes will reduce the chance of warts.

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