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What Are The Different Types of Diarrhea?

Diarrhea is a condition which is characterized by watery loose stools. The frequency of such stools would be more than three times a day. It […]

Home Remedies for Infant Hiccups

Infant hiccups could brew some worries in a household which has welcomed a new baby. It is a common feature in new borns and can […]

Understanding Stool Color in Babies

Babies can exhibit different stool colors at different stages of their early life. The color, consistency and contents are of primary importance as far as […]

How Alcohol is metabolized by our system?

Alcohol is such a thing which is either eulogized or cursed. The impact of alcohol on the body depends on how it is metabolized in […]

Do Dietary Fats Help with Constipation?

Dietary fats may be a major factor deciding the texture and consistency of stools. It is a fact that excess fats can cause diarrhea whereas […]

What Causes Large Stools?

According to the Bristol Stool Chart, the ideal type of stools would be the type 4 and type 5. Type 4 is the sausage and […]

Does Drinking Water Help in Constipation?

Constipation is generally described as a strained bowel movement associated with hard and dry stools and the frequency is less than 3 times per week. […]

What are the Components of Human Stool?

Elimination of wastes is an intrinsic part of the digestive process. The health of the digestive system and overall health is indicated by a normal […]

The Bristol Stool Chart Explained

It is true that your toilet bowl could say a lot about you. The color, texture, size, shape and form of your stools reflect your […]

Why is Colon Cancer Screening So Important?

Of all the cancers affecting the population in the United States, colorectal cancer is the second leading cause of cancer related deaths in the United […]