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Herbs That Can Increase Bowel Movement

Digestion is a process which essentially involves ingestion , assimilation of food and elimination of wastes from the body. The food moves through the length […]

5 Exercises That Can Help With Bowel Movement

The elimination of wastes from the body is an extremely important process of digestion. Regular bowel movement is often a key indicator of good digestive […]

Milk Thistle for Liver

Milk Thistle is a herb which has been proved to be of immense use against liver toxins. The seeds of this herb have been used […]

Home Remedies for Acidity

60-70 million people suffer from digestive diseases in the United States alone. 20% of the population experience Gastroesophageal Reflux symptoms weekly. Stomach acidity is a […]

Why do Doctors Advice Prunes For Constipation?

Physicians often advise prunes for constipation . Prune is a wonder fruit when it comes to relieving constipation. Prunes are essentially a variety of plums. […]

What is a Gastric Band?

A Gastric Band , also known as a Lap Band, is an advanced tool for fighting obesity. In morbidly obese patients a laparoscopic procedure places […]

What is Colon Hydrotherapy?

Colon Hydrotherapy or colonic irrigation as it is often known as, is one of the professional colon cleansing methods. The colon forms a major part […]

What are the Benefits Of Papaya in Digestion?

Papaya is a tropical fruit, green skinned when raw and with yellow to orange skin when ripe. It has a sweet taste with luscious and […]

Yoga for Digestion

Among the numerous health benefits of yoga, one is yoga for digestion. Common stomach problems include constipation, stomach pain, gas, acid reflux and acidity. Yoga […]

How Juniper Berries Help in Digestion?

Juniper berries come from a little purple fruit bearing shrub found in North America and Europe. Its more of cone than a berry with pulpous […]